Basque Country Tak



The last sunday we met in Leioa to play the first Leioa Tournament of Tak in Moncheri pub. We played two rounds and finally the winner was Samuel Otero. 6 players participated and all of them liked the game. Our goal is to organize the I. Basque Country Tournament of Tak before June. We will inform you soon.


Here the results:

Egoitz Campo 2-0 Andi Erromo
Samuel Otero 2-1 Joseba Zubiaurre
Javier Pignoise 1-0 Luis Getxo
Jesus Carballeira 2-1 Beñat Tejedor
Egoitz Campo 2-1 Javier Pignoise
Joseba Zubiaurre 2-0 Beñat Tejedor
Samuel Otero 1-1 Jesus Carballeira


1-Egoitz Campo - 2 wins (Basque Country)
2-Samuel Otero - one win and one draw (Basque Country)
3-Jesus Carballeira - one win and one draw (Galicia)
4-Javier Pignoise - one win and one defeat (Basque Country)
5-Joseba Zubiaurre - one win and one defeat (Basque Country)
6-Luis Getxo - one defeat (Basque Country)
7-Andi Erromo - one defeat (Basque Country)



Here we will post results, classifications, photos and news about our Basque Tournaments. The Basque Association of Draughts and Strategical Games will organize the Basque Country Championship of Tak and the Basque League of Tak during the year. In march we will organize the I. Basque Country Championship of Tak and we will post all the information here.