Monopoly (Basque Country Championship)

                                  I.Basque Country Monopoly Championship 2021


The last saturday, 2nd of october, the Basque Association of Draughts and Strategic Games organized the I. Basque Country Monopoly Championship. We gathered 8 players of the association and we play 4 matches in 2 rounds. We played the classic game and we decide to play two rounds of 75 minutes each one.  The winner was the player who mantain more money after this time. Finally the winner was Egoitz but Jon Ander player very well he was very close in the final of Egoitz. The difference between the two was very small. Luis and Daniel also played very well in the final.

These were the results:


A table                                    B table

Luis Villamor 756                 Daniel Barrientos 949

Egoitz Campo 578                Jon Ander Burgoa 550                    

Garikoitz Casquero 198        Maria González 250

Belza bankruptcy                  Andi Erromo bankruptucy



Belza 1164                              Egoitz Campo 1245

Andi Erromo 1111                  Jon Ander Burgoa 1225

Maria González 450               Luis Villamor 956

Garikoitz Casquero 250         Daniel Barrientos 245

Last Classification of the I. Basque Country Monopoly Championship

1-Egoitz Campo

2-Jon Ander Burgoa

3-Luis Villamor

4-Daniel Barrientos


6-Andi Erromo

7-Maria González

8-Garikoitz Casquero

The idea is to organize the I. Basque League of Monopoly from December to June (3 sessions) and if everything goes well the next year in september we will organize the II. Basque Country Monopoly Championship. Finally say that it would be incredible if Hasbro would recognize us and can participate in the next World Championship of Monopoly representing Basque Country.

Some photos